Cambia Health Solutions
Infuse Cambia’s development organization with the skills and knowledge to rapidly ideate and iterate to get consumer-centric products to market faster with greater quality.
Catalyte created a rapid prototyping engine to turn ideas into products in as little as 90 days

Key Technologies/Skills






Catalyte infused a “fail fast” iterative development mentality into Cambia’s IT organization while creating user-centric applications that compiled multiple data streams and made decision making processes (or members, employees and executives) easier.

Cambia Health Solutions, a family of over 20 healthcare companies that empower more than 70 million Americans nationwide, wanted to be more agile and speed time to market for MVPs. They wanted to do this while they were faced with the challenge of increasing digital demand from consumers and changing healthcare mandates as a result of the Affordable Care Act (ACA). Having worked with Catalyte on previous projects, Cambia knew how quickly our teams could ramp and their proficiency in agile methodologies, Cloud technologies and user-centric design.

Getting people to care about health plans

BridgeSpan Health is an affiliate of Cambia Health Solutions. Catalyte developed its original product, a web-based interface for consumers to research and better understand available health plans. With the success of that product, BridgeSpan re-engaged Catalyte to help consumers go a step further in their research and see what type of health plan people like them had selected. This CDO Finder would aggregate data from BridgeSpan, present it to consumers and help guide them in their decision-making process. A Catalyte team of three designed and developed an MPV in around 90 days. Complicating this were the facts of a tech stack (AWS, React.js and node.js) that was new to BridgeSpan and a new AWS environment. Catalyte not only delivered the product on time, but also helped to change the BridgeSpan/Cambia culture to be more iterative/agile. This paved the path for future rapid prototyping projects built to “fail fast.”

Improving customer service one data stream at a time

Cambia’s customer service relied on multiple, disparate databases to gather member information. These databases had to be viewed separately, making resolution of member issues more difficult and time consuming. Cambia tasked Catayte to create an MVP that would present all relevant member information in an easily accessed and understood UI for customer service reps. Because of the rapid nature of the project, and unclear requirements of the MVP, many iterations were needed in a short period of time. To meet project deadlines, Catalyte’s onsite team of three employed AWS, built out a new UI with React.js and used APIs (uncommon for Cambia’s IT organization) to build the web application.

Understanding 5000 employee concerns

Using SharePoint, Cambia’s executives were only able to access employee and member feedback when they were connected to office networks. This limited their ability to understand, triage and respond to issues in real time. To solve this issue, Catalyte migrated the SharePoint data to a web application for easier accessibility. We were able to deploy a team of 10, onsite, and complete the MVP in approximately three months. Beyond the migration and development of the web app, Catalyte enhanced the user experience by creating easier to use interfaces and showing executives with busy schedules the actionable information they needed to make decisions. They can now review and respond to inquiries and comments at any time from any place.

Key Takeaways

  • Rapid prototyping: Demonstrated ability to take an idea from conception to deployment in 90 days
  • Cloud deployment: Introduced AWS skills and application deployment to the Cambia IT organization
  • User-centric design: Incorporated UI into rapid prototyping to create products that were easier and more intuitive to use
  • Data management: Connected disparate data pools into centralized stream to present information in a single application interface
  • Iterative process change: Changed the mindset of Cambia’s IT organization be focus more on speed, agile and a “fail fast” mentality