Media Audits International
Media Audits International wanted to replace a 15-year old application to keep pace with a changing media landscape
Catalyte modernized a revenue management application responsible for controlling over $5B in sales

Key Technologies/Skills

Angular JS





Catalyte delivered a modern, user-friendly subscriber and revenue management system in just eight months. This streamlined system improved Media Audits International’s (MAI) internal tracking and record keeping, making it easier for employees to manage existing business. The system also allowed MAI to open new revenue streams, serve more clients and offer new services to existing clients.

Media Audits International needed to keep pace with a quickly evolving media landscape. Its original subscriber and revenue management system was developed to meet the needs of a three national TV network landscape. MAI turned to Catalyte to create a custom-built system that could provide the flexibility and agility required to meet the market demands of over 600 networks and a variety of new media distribution channels.

New media, outdated platform

Media Audit International’s platform does revenue accounting to ensure content providers receive proper payment based on the size of the distributor’s audience. This platform was built on 15-year old technology. MAI was having a hard time keeping pace with the rapidly evolving entertainment industry and new distribution channels. It needed a system that could scale and allow it to take on new revenue streams.

Delivered modernized platform in eight months

Catalyte began the project with a six-week blueprint phase. In this period, consultants evaluated MAI’s current platform and technology offerings, recommended a new techstack and solutions architecture and helped MAI implement a DevOps process. Through close collaboration, MAI was able to create user stories which Catalyte’s engineering team would develop. Because of the close alignment between client and project team, Catalyte delivered the new and modernized platform in just eight months.

Future-proof platform opens new revenue streams

The modernized revenue management platform allowed MAI to be more efficient, better aligned its technology with business processes, allowed it to more quickly scale and was adaptable to meet new (or yet undiscovered) revenue sources. The new application automated many business processes that were formerly time-consuming, manual tasks. MAI now could take on new revenue streams and future-proof itself against new method for content distribution, all while seeing substantial efficiencies to its technical infrastructure.

Key Takeaways

  • Modernized application opened new revenue streams: Re-engineering 15-year old system allowed MAI to keep pace with changing media landscape.
  • Partnership key for efficient delivery: Agile teams working closely with client business analysts delivered new platform is just eight months.
  • Technology and process transformation: Catalyte introduced new methods (DevOps) and technologies to help client achieve business goals.