Catalyte mentioned in Fast Company

By Adam Curtis

In December, Vivian Giang of Fast Company profiled our ability to use artificial intelligence to find, train and employ software developers from unconventional backgrounds.

Most recently, Vivian explored how America’s Rust Belt cities can stop their economic decline and “transform into ‘smart cities’ of the future.”

As part of her exploration, she returned to Catalyte’s ability to provide “skills and opportunity to unlikely engineers” as part of the solution.

In Baltimore, companies like Catalyte are providing skills and opportunity to unlikely engineers, no matter their background. In an interview with Fast Company, Michael Rosenbaum, a former advisor in the Clinton White House and founder of Catalyte, said: “If the model is successful, the wage gap narrows and desolated, post-manufacturing cities forgotten about after their industries collapsed, can start rebuilding themselves.”

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