How CIOs can overcome negative perceptions and “seize the opportunity”

By Adam Curtis

In a recent Forrester webinar 2017: Predictions for the CIO, analysts stated that 2017 sets up well for CIOs who “seize the opportunity.” They pointed to the need for CIOs to use all available assets to lead business innovation, not just tech innovation, and to leverage Agile/DevOps to drive speed in their organizations.

That might be a tall order, however, as trust in IT has fallen drastically over the past few years. An Accenture Strategy survey found that between 2013 and 2015, confidence in IT to drive innovation dropped from 71 to 34 percent. In the same survey, 42 percent of respondents stated they think IT takes too long to implement solutions.

So how can CIOs overcome these perceptions and actually “seize the opportunity” Forrester suggests is possible?

You should view innovation as core to your position rather than a challenge to it. Innovation isn’t here to replace the CIO. It’s here to help companies grow and build stronger customer relationships. Find ways to strengthen those bonds or your organization will find someone else who can.

Figure out how to move at the pace of customers, not at what is comfortable. Realize that “traditional” IT doesn’t get to dictate speed anymore. If you can’t deliver what customers need when they need it, they will go elsewhere. Business units will look to shadow IT to try and stop this exodus.

If you don’t have the internal capabilities to move faster, while also creating the innovative products that will set your company above the competition, we are here to help. Our ability to quickly deploy and ramp up development teams helps you build instant credibility. Our results will help solidify your position as an innovation facilitator rather than an inhibitor. We can help you size the opportunity in 2017!