Processes and Methodologies

Processes and Methodologies
Catalyte’s frameworks, tools and resources help you ship higher quality products faster and demonstrate measurable value to the business.
We measure software development success in business and end user value. This requires more than coding skills. It requires business/IT alignment, objective measures and evaluations of progress, transparency, flawless communication and focus on process over platform.

How We Deliver

  • Hyperlocal software development: We build diverse, affordable and sustainable talent pipelines in the backyards of our clients’ locations to accelerate their software development lifecycles, deliver better software, create more jobs in their community and develop technology from anywhere.
  • Data-informed delivery: Catalyte’s data-informed processes and dashboards cut through the haze and provide transparent and objective monitoring of project health. We replicate what works or call attention to areas that warrant investigation and suggest corrective action.
  • Customized software delivery frameworks: Regardless of your organization’s level of comfort with agile or other software development methodologies, Catalyte defines with you a tailored set of agnostic best practices to ensure successful engagement.
  • Customized technology solutions: Catalyte can adapt to proprietary, open source or combination technology stacks. Our engineers make vendor-agnostic recommendations based on project needs.
  • Outcomes design and focus: Catalyte defines the measures of success with you and identifies key tools, metrics and considerations to help you demonstrate the value of your digital innovations to the rest of your organization.

How We Engage

  • Complete workforce solution: We create a sustainable pipeline of software engineer talent anywhere you need. Our AI platform,  onboarding and apprenticeship program creates ready-to-hire developers to solve your pipeline and diversity deficiencies.
  • Full scrum teams: For clients who need extensive development resources, Catalyte’s full agile teams can plug into any existing project or plan and develop from a greenfield environment. Our teams co-locate with clients to maximize productivity and enable innovation.
  • On-demand experts: For immediate needs, Catalyte has a pool of senior experts ready to start tomorrow. These remote engineers plug critical holes in your organization to keep projects on time and business units satisfied.

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