Processes and Methodologies

Processes and Methodologies
Catalyte’s predictable, data-informed project delivery helps you develop higher quality products faster and demonstrate measurable value to the business.
Software development success requires more than coding skills. You need business and IT alignment, objective measurement and evaluation of progress, transparency, flawless communication and focus on process over platform.

How We Deliver

  • Flexible engagements: Whether onsite or remote, full-teams or the right individual for the job, Catalyte has the personnel and engagement flexibility you need to meet software objectives today and into the future.
  • Data-informed delivery: Catalyte’s data-informed processes and dashboards cut through the haze to provide transparent and objective monitoring of project health.
  • Customized software delivery frameworks: Regardless of your organization’s level of agile adoption, Catalyte defines with you a tailored set of technology-agnostic best practices to ensure successful outcomes.
  • Customized technology solutions: Catalyte routinely works with proprietary, open source and combination technology stacks. Our engineers make vendor-agnostic recommendations based on project needs.
  • Outcomes design and focus: Together, we define success and identify key tools, metrics and considerations to help demonstrate the value of your digital innovations to the rest of your organization.

How We Engage

  • Catalyte delivers exceptional and sustainable tech talent that powers transformational software engineering ‒ when, where and how it’s needed.
  • Need local or remote resources? Need team or individual support for a near-term, high-profile project? Need to better understand your current portfolio or build a transformation roadmap?
  • We flexibly work with clients to provide the right solution to their software development needs. Our services fit with your timeframe, engineering capacity and budget.

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