Sourcing for Innovation – Ep. 13: Portland IQ & higher education’s relation to tech

By Adam Curtis

At TechFestNW, Erin Flynn unveiled Portland’s Innovation Quadrant to the world. Portland IQ, “represents a unique, collaborative opportunity for educational institutions, entrepreneurs, incubators, and companies — large and small — to jointly influence, advise, and build an innovation ecosystem that creates a better future for each and every one of us, intentionally.”

After hearing her talk about how proximity enables innovation, we had to have her on our “Sourcing for Innovation” podcast. As you can hear below, we talked about Portland IQ’s plans for building a more inclusive and innovative tech community and culture in Portland.

Along with being board director for Portland IQ, Erin is associate vice president for strategic partnerships at Portland State University. Given this unique perspective, we also discussed higher education’s changing role in relation to the private tech industry and its commitment to providing relevant, real-world skills to students.

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