Meet our SXSW panelists – Jacob Hsu

By Adam Curtis

On March 9th, Catalyte is moderating a SXSW panel discussion, “AI and the Democratization of Work.” In preparation for the talk, we are profiling each panelist and getting their take on a couple of questions related to the topic.

First up is the panel’s moderator, Jacob Hsu. Jacob is CEO of Catalyte and dedicated to reawakening the American dream that anyone from any background can succeed. Here’s what he had to say on how AI can remove subjective bias from the hiring process and create a more diverse and productive workforce.

Q: Articulate the problem, as you see it, with the ways most companies hire talent.

The problem is that companies are relying of bits and pieces of information that individually, or even taken together, mean nothing. A person’s name, education, address or prior work experience don’t accurately, and unbiasedly, predict how a person will perform in a new position. With AI-based hiring, you can view job applicants for their potential, not their pedigree.

Q: How can AI-based hiring transform our current economy?

It starts at the individual level, as AI-based hiring moves more people from the contracting to the expanding side of the economy. You give people an opportunity to make it in professions that were previously closed off to them. This has a massive ripple effect where suddenly, undeserved communities can compete on a level playing field. It brings hope and the American Dream back to communities that many people have written off.