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Skyline of downtown Baltimore at sunset, looking west as seen from the vantage point of Harbor East.

Catalyte mentioned in Fast Company

Baltimore, Blog

Vivian Giang highlights Catalyte's ability to provide "skills and opportunity to unlikely engineers" as part of the solution to transforming America's Rust Belt cities.


Fast Company profiles Catalyte

Blog, News

Vivian Giang tells the story of Catalyte's 18-year history using artificial intelligence to find better-performing software engineers from unexpected places.


McKinsey talks to Catalyte about AI and future of work

Blog, News

We create a more diverse & productive workforce.


Power of colocation for software development


Colocation is a prerequisite for digital transformation, as it facilitates technical teams participating in the decision-making process.


Budgeting for digital transformation

Blog, Case Study

The ability to change the budgeting process for application development can mean the success or failure of your digital transformation.

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