Our training and apprenticeship program

Our training and apprenticeship program

Catalyte offers two different training programs for two separate career tracks: software development and business analyst.

David Kaus

Director of Training and Talent Development

To start, applicants take a two-hour online screening, which helps us determine if you have the aptitude to become a great software developer or business analyst at Catalyte.

Selected applicants enter into a training and apprenticeship program. The first part of this program consists of an in-classroom cohort-based training program. Training to become a full-stack enterprise software developer is 16-20 weeks and training to become a business analyst is 8-10 weeks. We also teach agile software development methodologies, so all teams can develop faster, more iterative and innovative software.

Once training has been successfully completed, we hire graduates to be full-time employees of Catalyte. You will participate in an apprenticeship program for two years where you continue to build technical, soft and consultative skills. We deploy apprentices as developers and analysts on teams for product engineering and managed services projects for Fortune 500 clients. After the apprenticeship is completed you will continue your career in software delivery.

After launching their careers in technology with Catalyte, many of our alumni continue to soar. 83% stay in technology and land opportunities at companies like Amazon, Nike and Microsoft. Those who stay in technology, 85% continue their careers as developers or senior developers, 10% continue as technical leads and 5% continue as business analysts or project managers.

How much will this training cost me?

The training program is offered for free. Those who are trained by Catalyte commit to working for us for two years. That’s how we’re able to provide free training, and why we are so selective. Training is valued at $25,000 (for the entry-level computer programmer program) and $12,500 (for the entry-level business analyst program). If you successfully complete the program, you are eligible for a job. Pay is a minimum of $17 per hour, and you are eligible for health benefits. In return, you commit yourself to success, first in our training and then on the job. By working for Catalyte for at least two years, you receive valuable training for free. And while you’re with us, we provide a structured mentorship program, support from your peers and leaders and continuous professional development training.