Vote for our SXSW panel

By Adam Curtis

Please help vote our panel idea “Building equitable and inclusive tech ecosystems” into SXSW 2021. Voting ends Nov. 20th. Instructions on how to vote are below.

This panel and topic are important because the tech industry can be an exclusionary force, maintaining a status quo of pedigree and privilege. New technology jobs don’t benefit all individuals or communities equally. In fact, they reinforce or exacerbate socioeconomic stratification.

We’ve launched Create Opportunity in Columbia, S.C. to build an equitable and inclusive tech ecosystem with the help of government, education, employer and technology partners. By expanding the definition of who belongs in tech, this partnership offers an actionable blueprint for other regional coalitions.

This panel will discuss the elements and steps needed to produce a viable, sustainable technology ecosystem and create universal uplift across all communities and demographics. Other companies and municipalities can see what we’ve done, and build on it. The ultimate goal is to create scores of similar programs across the country. And the spark that can ignite it can be this SXSW panel.

How to vote

  1. Create a free SXSW account here:
  2. Go to our PanelPicker page:
  3. Click the “Vote Up” button in the left panel

Screen shot of how to vote for SXSW PanelPicker ideas

Once you’ve voted, please share the link with others. Thank you for helping us get this crucial message in front of as many people as possible.