Catalyte junior developers helped rewrite Casenet's flagship platform ahead of schedule

Casenet sought a trusted, transparent and outcome-focused onshore partner to help develop its business-critical customer platform


Over four years of a continuing engagement, Catalyte became a trusted partner to Casenet. Delivering exceptional engineering and consulting services, Catalyte was instrumental in rewriting business-critical platforms that allowed Casenet to remain a leading provider of population health management technology solutions. Catalyte also overcame initial skepticism of its talent model, converting Casenet to true believers in the abilities of software developers from non-traditional backgrounds.

Casenet develops population health management technology solutions that enable payers and providers to easily identify opportunities to coordinate and improve patient care. It initially engaged with Surge – a Catalyte company to provide onshore, remote, senior-level engineering resources. This relationship grew to over 100 engineers tightly integrated with Casenet teams. Many of these engineers were former or current Catalyte apprentice developers. They helped drive digital transformation, evolve best practices and provide Casenet’s customers with industry-leading platforms.

Creating true believers in Catalyte

Catayte’s ability to find, train and employ software engineers from non-traditional backgrounds struck Casenet leadership as implausible, at first. “I was skeptical that Catalyte could hire people regardless of their educational background and train them to become great developers,” said Lee Braginsky, senior software engineering manager at Casenet. “I was a traditionalist and believed that a degree mattered.”

But, once exposed to Catalyte’s model, and working closely with junior developers on blended teams, Braginsky changed his mind. “I underestimated the power of Catalyte’s selection process and training program. Their developers are just as good as anyone else. And the support system Catalyte provides ensures project success.”

Deep integration built on trust

Building on the initial success of Surge’s senior engineers, Casenet selected Surge’s new parent company Catalyte to supply additional technical resources, including retrained junior developers, project managers/Scrum masters, QA engineers and Scrum/agile coaches and a program manager. Working on multiple Casenet platforms, these teams quickly earned a reputation for strong collaboration and going above and beyond to get the job done.

“Many vendors don’t want to get too close to their client. I think this is the completely wrong approach,” said Braginsky. “Casenet needs you to become part of the family. Catalyte was able to do that. Their teams were just as enthusiastic and conscientious about our projects as our FTEs were. We’ve been able to develop a trusted relationship with Catalyte. They’ve been instrumental to our success.”

Onshore paid immediate dividends

Catalyte and Surge’s onshore presence and proximity to Casenet’s Boston-area offices made communication easier and more efficient. This, combined with a commitment to transparency and accountability, set Surge/Catalyte apart from other vendors.

“A lack of trust is huge for offshore teams,” said Braginsky. “Surge wasn’t a black box as some other offshore vendors are. Their resources closely integrated with Casenet’s product teams. We had direct visibility into the relationship and could engage the precise engineers we needed.”

Catalyte apprentices built the Casenet platform this nurse is using

Key points:

Proven talent engine: Casenet recognized the powerful ability of Catalyte to find, train, employ and deploy software developers from non-traditional backgrounds.

Exceptional engineering at all levels: From junior developers to senior QA engineers, Catalyte and Surge delivered the engineering expertise to get the job done right.

When you're here, you're family: Deep integrations with Casenet and conscientiousness about projects built high levels of trust and respect.

Value added beyond the code: Catalyte helped Casenet evolve its organizational processes and practices with agile trainers, Scrum masters and project managers.

"Catalyte teams represent a rare mix of junior and senior talent. The senior engineers and SDETs are very strong. And they have a great support system for junior developers. The real difference between Catalyte and other teams is that they don’t just get the job done right, they are a part of us. With Catalyte and Surge it’s been a hug and an embrace. We’re one team; one family."

- Lee Braginsky, senior software engineering manager at Casenet

Key technologies/skills

  • Angular
  • Java
  • HTML5
  • Agile coaching
  • UX/UI

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