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How our apprenticeships work

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Choose your career pathway

Complete our free online screening to see if you qualify for the apprenticeship of your choice.

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Start your apprenticeship

We’ll pay you to learn in-demand skills and deliver amazing client work.

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Grow your

Continue to earn and learn more with Catalyte or our clients.

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All are welcome

It’s not what you’ve done, but what you can do that matters. Anyone, regardless of background, education, job experience or current skill set has the potential to join a Catalyte apprenticeship.

We have a career pathway for you

Software development is the process of writing, deploying, testing and maintaining code to help companies solve problems and create products that we all use. You will learn the technical and interpersonal skills needed to succeed and immediately contribute to a software development team.
Digital media helps organizations effectively target and reach potential customers where they are online through search engines, websites, social media, email and mobile apps. The industry has grown immensely over the past two decades, is ever-evolving and promises to be an exciting opportunity to build a career.
IT services helps users solve their pressing technology issues. IT services professionals support and empower users of all kinds. You will learn how to track down and resolve multiple technical issues on tight deadlines.
Project management involves working with business stakeholders to help organizations build processes and requirements so that teams can work more effectively and efficiently. You will learn how to elicit requirements for new applications and processes, coordinating and managing project scope, timelines and resources.
Cybersecurity keeps companies safe from hackers, protects sensitive data and allows people to conduct their digital lives free from harm. You’ll learn how to manage security risks while helping organizations defend against data breaches or other damaging cyber events.
Sales entails interacting with prospective clients to find new business, or oversee the relationship between a business and their existing customers. You will learn the fundamentals of the buying and selling process, strategic account planning and how to build and maintain client relationships to grow business revenue.


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Apprenticeship FAQs

How does a Catalyte apprenticeship work?

For 20+ years, Catalyte has provided opportunities for anybody, regardless of background, to launch new careers. Our apprenticeships offer you the opportunity to be paid while learning new skills and applying them on real-work client project.

How much does an apprenticeship cost?

All of our apprenticeships are 100% free. Unlike bootcamps, training providers or schools, we have no tuition or upfront costs. We don’t have income sharing agreements (ISAs) that take a percentage of your hard-earned money.

Are apprenticeships a full-time or part-time commitment?

All apprenticeships are a full-time commitment of approximately 40 hours per week during traditional business hours.

Do I need a college degree to apply?

No. We do not take degrees, prior work experience or technology skills into consideration when selecting qualified applicants to join our career programs.

What are the requirements to apply?

To participate in an apprenticeship, you must:

  • Be at least 18 years old.
  • Have computer proficiency and high-speed/broadband internet access.
  • Be a U.S. citizen or eligible to work in the U.S. for 30 continuous months from the first day of training. Catalyte does not offer visa assistance or sponsorship of any kind.

See how others like you have taken their careers and lives to the next level through Catalyte.

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