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Catalyte gave me a foundation to launch myself from.

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A life-changing weekend

Tony was living in Sacramento, California. On Friday, he got a call from a friend in Chicago, telling him to check out Catalyte’s software development apprenticeship. Saturday night, Tony took the initial online screening. On Sunday, he was accepted into the apprenticeship. On Monday, he quit his job, and Tuesday night he flew to Chicago to start on Wednesday.


What do I have to lose?

Tony’s sudden decision might seem rash to some, but he saw it as, “What do I have to lose?” Always a quick learner and smart student, he at times felt paralyzed to choose a path. He wanted a break from retail and restaurant jobs. So, with free skills and career development and a guaranteed job in an in-demand field waiting for him, he made the leap.

Catalyte gave me a foundation to launch myself from. I’m only going to do more from here.

Flipping burgers to writing code

To some, restaurant work and software development are different worlds. For Tony, his attention to detail and experience implementing processes carried through from one to the other. This ability serves him well in creating the best user experience. He still puts the customer first.


Realizing his full potential

Catalyte’s software development apprenticeship gave Tony the opportunity to put his capabilities into practice and perform to the level he knew he was capable of achieving. It provided the foundation for him to realize his full potential, and showcase to the world what he could do. In his career and life, the sky is now the limit.

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