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I’m comfortable jumping into the “deep end” of client work.


Improving data processing power

Devon is currently part of a team working for a retail data science client. His work has been instrumental in reducing the time it takes to run that client’s data pipeline by fifteen percent. This means the client can make faster, more accurate predictions, saving money and better capitalizing on evolving business inputs.


Catalyte was a ray of hope

Devon wanted to get into software development, but knew college wasn’t for him. So, while taking free coding courses, he worked at a motorcycle dealership to pay the bills. One day on his lunch break, he got a call from Catalyte inviting him to join an apprenticeship. This was the ray of hope he needed. Devon launched himself full throttle into a new technology career.

Swimming in the deep end

A former swimmer, swim coach and lifeguard, Devon knows the importance of not throwing someone into the deep end until they can swim on their own. His experience with Catalyte has been a metaphor for this. He’s learned enough to be able to jump directly into client work. And there are always dedicated coaches on the sidelines able to quickly teach him new techniques or throw him a lifeline should he need it.


Always learning

As Devon continues to grow as a software developer, he has resources around him at Catalyte to help him quickly learn new skills. Whether it be Azure or Databricks, there will be someone who can help him upskill and apply his new knowledge to client projects.

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