Implement AI without the hype

Maximize ROI and minimize risk with a strategic plan for AI adoption.

Unlock the full value of your data

Capitalize on opportunities with better/faster insights.

Create solutions for infrastructure and beyond

Focus on delivering value, not managing hardware.

Leading at the intersection of AI, data, cloud and cybersecurity

AI changed the game. It can streamline, simplify and accelerate time-consuming business processes. But how does it fit into your data, cloud and cybersecurity strategies?

We help organizations see the whole picture and implement AI across functions securely, ethically and productively. Ditch the hype. Keep the results.

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Watch how we’ve discovered the best talent for almost 25 years.


The Catalyte difference






Apprentices convert
to client FTEs


Client Success Stories
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AI-screened talent to power your organization

The better way to hire starts with our technology. Our AI uses 200K data points to analyze every applicant for likelihood of success. We track their real-world progress and feed outcomes back into our model. The result? Highly-vetted talent ready to perform now and grow into the future.

How we hire better


Our apprenticeships develop technical and interpersonal skills, so our talent is prepared to work on day one.

Diversity on
every level

We hire from all backgrounds and walks of life. Our talent has experience and perspective you can’t teach.


Our proprietary talent screening uses machine learning to reduce bias and inclusively discover high-potential talent.

Getting Started

We have a path for you.

  • 1. Discover
  • Talent is everywhere, if you know how to look. We use AI to find people with the aptitude and attitude to succeed in your organization.
  • 2. Develop
  • Understanding your needs and our talent’s abilities, we further develop their skills so they are ready to deliver value on day one.
  • 3. Deploy
  • Our apprentices join you hungry to succeed, matched to your culture and ready to make a positive impact on your bottom line.
  • 1. Screening
  • Catalyte’s screening doesn’t take your job history, education level, existing skill set or demographics into account. It’s designed to measure your potential to succeed in a chosen career pathway.
  • 2. Interview and selection
  • The purpose of the interview is for you to learn more about us and for us to assess if you will be a good fit for a Catalyte apprenticeship. If so, we’ll invite you to join an upcoming apprenticeship.
  • 3. Apprenticeship development
  • Under the guidance of our expert instructors and working closely with fellow apprentices, you will develop the technical and interpersonal skills needed to deliver valuable work during your apprenticeship. Those who successfully complete the apprenticeship development phase are eligible to continue into the apprenticeship deployment phase at Catalyte or a client.
  • 4. Apprenticeship deployment
  • When deployed as an apprentice, you’ll apply the skills you acquired while continually learning new ones to meet the needs of our clients. The whole apprenticeship equips you with the skills and experience needed to successfully continue with your chosen career.
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