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Extraordinary technology talent from unexpected places

We know that tech talent is abundant. Opportunities to enter the tech industry are not.

With our talent transformation platform we create high-performing, cost-effective technology workforces. We look beyond pedigree, education or previous experience to ignite the potential of people with an aptitude for software development – people others often overlook.

This virtuous cycle provides employers the skilled software developers needed to grow and innovate. And it blazes a path for individuals to launch family-sustaining technology careers.

Three Catalyte employees, two men and a woman, standing and discussing client success


Diversity, equity, inclusion and quality. We don't believe in different bars or standards for hiring. A more diverse technology workforce can also be a higher-quality workforce.

A history of challenging assumptions

In 2000, Catalyte's founder Michael Rosenbaum was a Harvard economics and law fellow. As an advisor to the Clinton White House, he advocated that underserved urban populations contain just as many people with talent to succeed in software development as any other place. They are just overlooked by a system that values pedigree over innate ability.

To prove his point, Michael founded Catalyte, using machine learning to objectively discover and train candidates who have the potential to become great software engineers.

Learn how Catalyte pioneered a better way to create software developers.

Better talent, better results

Twenty years later, Catalyte continues to create local, cost-effective, predictable, diverse and sustainable technology workforces. Our developers seamlessly integrate into any organization, delivering immediate and long-term value across a wide spectrum of technologies.

Universal uplift

Catalyte CEO Jacob Hsu interacting with Catalyte developers. They earn on average $98,000 five years after graduating.

Catalyte is able to help increase a person’s earnings almost 4x in just five years. Before joining Catalyte, the average salary of our program graduates was $25K. Five years after completing training, that salary average is $98K.

There’s almost no difference in the earning potential of someone who entered the program with or without a college degree - OR - someone who entered with technology experience or not.

By giving anyone with the aptitude for software development the opportunity to launch new careers in the technology industry, Catalyte transforms individuals, companies and communities.

Baltimore's Inner Harbor at sunset. Cities like Baltimore are using Catalyte for junior tech talent.

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