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Catalyte created local, more productive and lower cost tech talent pipeline for the City of Baltimore

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Put our talent to work


Baltimore City needed an immediate and long-term supply of tech talent to develop critical systems across multiple city agencies.


By contracting Catalyte developers, Baltimore City will create equitable and family-sustaining technology careers, build a talent pipeline for city agencies, improve community health outcomes and help modernize Baltimore’s IT infrastructure.

Baltimore City wanted to cost-effectively grow its technology workforce, modernize its IT infrastructure and create a sustainable pipeline of talent drawn directly from city residents. Catalyte developers deployed immediately to Baltimore City Information & Technology (BCIT) and the Baltimore City Health Department to strengthen critical systems and applications. Catalyte also created a Technology and Software Development Fellowship, in conjunction with local partner organization Baltimore Corps. This fellowship will identify undiscovered tech talent from within Baltimore, develop them in Catalyte’s software development apprenticeship and then deploy them to work for Baltimore City agencies.

Building a safer, healthier Baltimore

Catalyte developers were able to help the City Health Department develop case management and tracking capabilities on top of the city’s COVID/data tracking system. This was an important step as Baltimore continues on a safe and responsible path to reopening services and supporting post-COVID economic recovery.

“The Health Department is proud to continue our legacy of innovation through partnership and deep community connections. We are thrilled to have a dedicated team working on some of our most challenging issues.” – Baltimore City Health Commissioner Dr. Letitia Dzirasa

Improving Baltimore’s technology

Catalyte’s initial BCIT team worked on application modernization projects with an emphasis on security. These initiatives provided immediate value to the city, while also allowing Catalyte to better understand the city’s technical needs and how to leverage talent identification and apprenticeships to prepare city residents for future technology jobs.

“Fundamentally, this partnership strengthens Baltimore’s technical infrastructure by enlisting local and area residents in software development. Together, we will provide the support that is essential to advancing sustainable careers in public service and technology.” – Baltimore City’s Chief Information Officer Todd Carter

Fellowship for the future

The Technology and Software Development Fellowship program identifies Baltimore area residents from any background, develops them to become software developers and deploys them across city agencies. This partnership allows Baltimore City to create a workforce development pipeline for eligible residents while improving the technological abilities of Baltimore City agencies. The fellowship showcases the power and impact when potential employers, government and community nonprofits unite around a common purpose.

Key takeaways

Immediate value delivery
Catalyte junior developers helped solve critical issues on day one.
Sustainable talent pipeline
Tech fellowship provides City agencies with high-performing tech talent for years to come.
Universal uplift
By discovering city residents with hidden tech talent, the program creates a self-sustaining, interconnected cycle of improvement that uplifts individuals, families, communities and the whole city.

The Technology and Software Development Fellowship is exciting because it allows us to create a pipeline for emerging talent within the City while giving them exposure to some of our most complex problems.

– Baltimore City Health Commissioner Dr. Letitia Dzirasa

Key technologies/skills

  • C#
  • Angular
  • SQL
  • AWS
  • Blazor

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