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Catalyte developed a user-friendly intranet that modernized Molson Coors’ content management platform and increased employee productivity and engagement

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Molson Coors needed to overhaul its legacy intranet that didn’t meet current or future content management and collaboration needs.


The new SharePoint portal streamlined content management tools and processes, improved employee engagement and increased team productivity. The solution is deployed globally to 25,000+ employees and included broad support for 11 languages with content targeting based on user location (i.e. US, Canada, UK, Central Europe, Asia) and role. The solution enabled real-time collaboration and co-authoring within SharePoint and Office and delivered a dynamic publishing model via a new enterprise taxonomy and search application.

The Molson Coors Brewing Company is a multinational brewing company and the world’s seventh largest brewer by volume. Given its large database of digital assets, it needed a better solution for storing, searching for and sharing global and local news, brand information, logos, templates, policies, procedures and enterprise videos across the organization.

Old enterprise portal stifled enterprise content management

Molson Coors was leveraging an almost decade-old enterprise portal. There were significant limitations with the solution and the software and infrastructure had reached its end-of-life point. Molson Coors selected Catalyte to develop an Enterprise Content Management strategy, which included a platform recommendation (Office 365) and multi-phased roadmap to get Molson Coors to its desired future state. Catalyte then completed the design, build and deploy phases. This included migrating 4+ TB of content and training users on the broad set of new features.

Cross-functional team brews up full solution

Molson Coors engaged a cross-functional team from Catalyte, which included a solution architect, business analyst, UI/UX architect, SharePoint developer and project manager. The team started by facilitating workshops with stakeholders across the Molson Coors organization. The team identified existing pain points and captured future state requirements spanning communication, collaboration, knowledge management, content management, search, online forms and workflow and application integration. Requirements were then prioritized and used to evaluate a broad set of content management solutions. The Catalyte team took an agile approach and used two-week sprints to design, build and demo progress to the Molson Coors leadership team, and then to migrate, test and deploy 3,000+ sites and 4+ TB of content.

New portal improves employee engagement and productivity

The new enterprise portal was deployed on Office 365, Microsoft’s cloud-based platform, which accelerated deployment of new capabilities and eliminated the need for future upgrade or migration projects. The broad support for 11 languages, along with content targeting based on user location and role, led to direct improvements in employee engagement and team productivity. Users were able to quickly find both people and content, and to connect and collaborate anytime, anywhere and from any device.


Key takeaways

Modern UI/UX
Intranet was both functional and aligned with Molson Coors’ new global branding initiative
Streamlined content management
Streamlined content management tools and processes while improving findability for both people and content.
Improved employee engagement and productivity
Content was targeted to users based on location and role, with key content translated into the user’s local language.
Cloud-based platform
Accelerated deployment of new capabilities while eliminating the need for future upgrade projects
Mobile access
Enabled anywhere-anytime access from any device.

Key technologies/skills

  • Microsoft Office 365
  • SharePoint
  • Yammer
  • Stream
  • UX/UI
  • User adoption and change management
  • Workplace transformation

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