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Catalyte digital media apprentices started billable work twice as quickly as their peers

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Just Global's growth, combined with entry-level turnover, kept media department managers in a constant cycle of training new workers.


Catalyte delivered job-ready digital media apprentices to fill critical entry-level ad buying positions. Catalyte apprentices started billing twice as quickly as other entry-level hires and were less likely to job hop to a different agency. After seeing the positive results and ROI, Just Global pre-ordered five Catalyte apprentices per quarter to hedge future attrition.

With a 20% increase in billings, Just Global struggled to keep up with hiring demands. High turnover common to the industry also meant that the agency was spending extra resources and funds on recruiting new talent that often left after a short period. Just Global turned to Catalyte to deliver job-ready talent that would arrive trained in the tools used by their digital media department.

Faster time to billable hours

Catalyte digital media apprentices had the technical and interpersonal skills to start delivering value to the agency on day one. This resulted in a shorter onboarding period before beginning to bill clients for work. On average, Catalyte apprentices began billable work twice as quickly as their entry-level peers from traditional backgrounds, resulting in a profit to the agency during that period.

Return on investment

Contracting and hiring Catalyte apprentices resulted in significant cost savings to the agency. Due to Catalyte propriety talent discovery, development and deployment processes, the agency was able to reduce recruitment costs were less while increasing speed to hire and quality. The apprentices required less training, reducing the need for ramp up or continued on-the-job training. And they stayed with the agency longer than their peers, reducing overall department turnover and additional recruitment costs. As a result of this ROI, Just Global committed to continue filling future vacancies with Catalyte employees.

Talent pipeline alleviates attrition risks

The ability to have a repeatable way to replace departing associates with vetted, high-quality talent was a game changer for Just Global. Now, instead of waiting until someone left, it’s able to “pre-fill” that position with a Catalyte apprentice. This talent pipeline meant that Just Global could invest in growing its business and not have to compete with others just to break even in the attrition game.

Key takeaways

Faster ramp to productivity
Catalyte apprentices required less technical training than other entry-level hires.
Increased revenue for the agency
Apprentices began performing billable work twice as quickly as their peers.
Reduced attrition
As Catalyte’s apprentices stayed with Just Global longer than other hires.
Permanent digital media talent pipeline
Just Global reserved five additional Catalyte apprentices every quarter to plan in advance for turnover and growth vacancies.

Key technologies/skills

  • Google Ads
  • The Trade Desk
  • Meta
  • DV360
  • Amazon DSP
  • Twitter

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