Microsoft names Catalyte “Inclusion Changemaker Partner of the Year”

Catalyte - Microsoft. Winner, Microsoft Partner of the Year Inclusion Changemaker

Put our talent to work

It is a great honor to announce that Catalyte has won the 2021 Microsoft Inclusion Changemaker Partner of the Year Award. Inclusion changemakers drive digital transformation toward a more inclusive and equitable world. This award recognizes a Microsoft partner organization that excels at providing innovative and unique services or solutions based on Microsoft technologies that help customers solve challenges of diverse representation, economic access, digital inclusion and/or accessibility.

See what Microsoft had to say about Catalyte and our “crucial rethinking of what great talent looks like.”

For Microsoft to recognize Catalyte and our unique ability to create a more diverse, inclusive and productive tech industry is exciting beyond words. We’ve been banging this drum, shouting from the rooftops for 20 years that great software developers can come from anywhere. This Inclusion Changemaker award is validation of our ability to discover, train and advance talent from unexpected and often overlooked places.

Microsoft is helping lead the change in how the tech industry identifies and sources talent. With this award, Microsoft is recognizing that Catalyte can make this change happen now. We can help companies in the Microsoft Partner Network diversify and expand their tech workforces without having to poach talent from each other.

Together with Microsoft, we can create tech workforces that look like our great country and that help build a more inclusive future.

– Jacob Hsu, CEO

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