Instant Teams partnership retrains military spouses

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“What’s so unique about this experience is you get to not only be trained, but you also come out of it with two years of experience. You become more employable. It’s this perfect package deal. You get training and job experience, and you don’t have to pay anything.”

That’s a quote about the Catalyte software developer training and apprentice program from Heidi, a program graduate through our partner Instant Teams. Heidi, along with Nicole and Jen, were the first three military spouses to enter and complete the training program.

According to Instant Teams, “Military spouses can face barriers in career selection and advancement, leading them down non-traditional paths to find fulfillment and growth while supporting their families and managing the day-to-day uncertainty of life.”

Our partnership with Instant Teams offers military spouses the opportunity to retrain as software developers and the ability to start successful careers, delivering for clients remotely.

You can read more about Heidi, Nicole and Jen, their journeys to Catalyte and their hopes for the future in this Instant Teams blog post.

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