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It’s no secret that there is an IT talent shortage. This lack of pipeline results in higher costs, reduced innovation and more turnover, as companies are forced to poach engineers from each other.

Our CEO Jacob Hsu went on “Bloomberg Technology” to discuss this pipeline problem and what Catalyte is doing to solve it.

We are solving the problem of the skills gap in the labor economy by filling the gap for software developers. We are doing this by using AI to find individuals who have the unique cognitive ability to have success in software development. We put them through the equivalent of a full computer science degree in 20 weeks, then put them to work for our clients.

What’s unique is we are hiring people from all walks of life: musicians, teachers, construction workers and even doctors and PhDs. We are proving that we not only can make them good developers, we can make them the highest performing and most successful developers.

Our clients win because now they have access to an affordable, diverse and predictable tech workforce that scales on demand.

You can watch Jacob’s full Bloomberg segment with Emily Chang here.

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