Inc. Magazine profiles our efforts to kill the resume

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Wanda Thibodeaux of Inc. Magazine profiled Catalyte and our efforts to kill the resume and reduce bias in hiring through the use of artificial intelligence.

From the article:

But rather than look at typical areas like background or personality fit, Catalyte uses its proprietary AI algorithms and predictive analytics, developed via thousands of trial-and-error machine learning iterations, to identify coding-related skills in candidates. Those candidates then are trained and placed with Fortune 500 companies. With their system, your current field or expertise doesn’t hold the critical keys to you getting hired. Your potential to complete a specific task does. And importantly, it can overcome your own bias, too–you might not see yourself as a techie, for example, but the AI won’t lie about you meeting specific criteria.

You can hear more of our CEO Jacob Hsu’s thoughts on this topic in this podcast episode.

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