New Chicago office continues our challenge of the tech industry

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Put our talent to work

Catalyte set out to challenge the traditional ways of finding, evaluating and hiring tech talent. We’ve proven that you can deliver better software outcomes and expand economic opportunities to more people if you look beyond the resume.

The next evolution in this journey comes today as we open our third development center in Chicago. With this new office, we offer Chicagoans new ways to enter the knowledge economy. We will bring skills-based hiring to a city that values hard work and the chance to prove oneself.

Chicago has a history of being at the forefront of industry and technology. It was the nation’s first mega transportation hub from where agriculture and manufacturing goods were shipped nationally and internationally. It’s changed with the times from a city of stock yards to a city of stock markets, where technology and finance fuel the economy.

It’s also a globally connected community. Immigrants from all over the country and the world congregate in Chicago and work to make the American Dream their own. We want to be part of Chicago’s vibrancy and offer new pathways to a tech career to individuals with the aptitude, regardless of their pedigree.

Our development center will provide a local hub for our software developer training programs. These programs transform any individual with the innate ability to be a great software developer into a full-stack software engineer in just 20 weeks.

We also believe that proximity is an enabler of innovation. Unlike offshore development teams, Catalyte locates teams as close to a client as possible. This improves communication, collaboration and software outcomes. It also creates a local, circular economy where clients reinvest in their communities and build a long-term talent and innovation pipeline. Our Chicago office will allow Catalyte to expand the local talent pool and provide better software engineering services to Fortune 1000 companies in the area.

Chicago is a significant milestone in our growth, but it’s not the end. We will continue to open new development centers and challenge the ways the tech industry evaluates talent and delivers exceptional software.

– Jacob Hsu, CEO

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