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I was managing 35 people in retail before joining Catalyte.

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A nontraditional path forward

Ricky was born in El Salvador and immigrated to the United States at the age of four. There wasn’t a precedent for higher education in his family, so he entered the working world as soon as he graduated high school. But, when began to get an itch to enter the tech industry, he worried his lack of a degree would be a barrier. That was until he joined Catalyte’s software development apprenticeship.


Management experience

Before Catalyte, Ricky was a produce manager at a national grocery chain’s “Diamond” store, bringing in $2 million a month in sales. He was in charge of training, setting schedules for, hiring and firing to support a team of 35 people. This experience gave him the professional confidence to have the difficult conversations with clients and be able to see obstacles from the perspective of the business.

Jump into technology

Even as Ricky was building up his managerial skills, he contemplated a career change into the technology industry. He wanted a career that could better support his growing family, allowing for both professional growth and work/life balance. A software development friend showed him the ropes and Ricky was intrigued. All he needed was for a company to see his potential, and not deny him an opportunity based on his lack of degree.


Capitalizing on the opportunity

Before joining Catalyte, Ricky thought back to how many moments in his life he’d hesitated and missed an opportunity. He didn’t want this opportunity to pass him by, so he took a leap. Catalyte saw him as a person with unlimited potential. During the apprenticeship, he was able to learn the skills needed. It was the perfect fit: a company willing to give him the shot to take that leap and start his dream career.

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