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Look where we started and look where we are now.

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What were you doing before Catalyte?

I became a single mom to three kids during COVID. At the time, I was running an Etsy business, but it wasn’t bringing in the kind of income that I wanted to support my family.


What was your experience with the apprenticeship like?

One of my groups from the training program, we keep in touch and we talk — if I don’t know anything, I can go and message someone from my cohort. We’re quick to help each other out.

Look where we started and look where we are now. We’re working with huge brands we never thought we’d work with.

What is your biggest takeaway from your apprenticeship?

Our trainer was a huge help. Anything he could think of that would be beneficial to us, he would tell us. He told us to go out and find materials that he thought would help. We are all certified with Amazon and Twitch, and he would encourage us to get as many as we could. If it’s something he knew would benefit us in the long run, he would let us know as much as he could in that short time period together.


Any closing words?

It’s scary starting out —there are a lot of scams around marketing and the boot camps. But it’s just having faith and trusting the people that set this program up. So many of us are doing this and we never believed we could.


  • Google
    • Search Ads 360
    • Display & Video 360
    • Mobile Experience
    • Campaign Manager
  • The Trade Desk
    • Data Driven Planning
    • Marketing Foundations
    • Trading Essentials
  • Hubspot Digital Advertising
  • Amazon Sponsored Ads
  • Amazon DSP
  • Twitch Gameplan

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