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It’s never too late to change your career.

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Curious about technology

Growing up, Eaman always wondered how applications worked. How video games were created. What was the difference between a designer and a developer? At first she decided to pursue design, which she studied in college. But it was her curiosity about what happened behind the scenes, in an application’s backend, that drew her to a career in software development.


Structured for success

In 2019, Eaman had just completed six months of training to become a dental lab technician, but was let go due to COVID. Eager to find a better career, she applied for Catalyte’s training program. With no previous experience in software development, Eaman appreciated the structure and rigor of the program. She completed the apprenticeship development phase virtually and remotely due to the COVID pandemic. Despite the physical distance from her instructors, open communication and clearly defined training modules helped her learn quickly and efficiently.

It’s never too late to change your career or find something you really like to do. Don’t hesitate, just go for it.

Always excited to learn

In previous positions, Eaman didn’t feel like she was learning enough. As a software developer, Eaman is always learning something new and applying that knowledge to projects. She’s excited to advance her own skills, and help others at Catalyte do the same.


Knowledge is power

Part of her desire to learn more is that knowing how things work makes Eaman feel powerful. And with the world continuing to go digital, her knowledge is valuable. With skills in JavaScript, React, Selenium, SQL and more, there’s almost no technical challenge or problem Eaman can’t solve.

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