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My background prepared me to have no fear working with clients.

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The human side of technology

If knowing people makes someone a better software developer, then an anthropology major might make the best developer. Add to that educational background mediation, negotiation and communications skills honed by years in customer service, and Tobi had the interpersonal foundation to succeed on a development team. All he needed was a way to acquire the technical skills.


Bootcamp and debt anxiety

Already proficient in HTML and CSS, Tobi was a prime bootcamp candidate. But the high cost of these programs put Tobi on edge. Was it worth it to go into debt if there was no guarantee of a job when he graduated? When his company began furloughing employees due to the pandemic, he knew he had to find a way into tech, and fast. He saw an ad for Catalyte’s software development apprenticeship program, decided to throw a “Hail Mary” and applied.


Helping Microsoft clients on day one

Through Catalyte, Tobi learned Microsoft technologies for free and was quickly placed on a client where he applied his new skills. His first project was porting alumni information from a spreadsheet into Microsoft Power Apps. This allowed a national education nonprofit to edit and update valuable data with greater ease. He’s also built an app in C# to help a bank more efficiently circulate HR documents.


Continued growth

Tobi combines his communications experience and coding skills to ensure he knows exactly what a client needs and how to turn that into a viable solution. He’s now in a career with growth opportunities: mastering new Microsoft technologies, leading projects and ensuring client success.


Microsoft competencies and certifications

  • MB-910: Microsoft Dynamics 365 Fundamentals
  • PL-900: Microsoft Power Platform Fundamentals
  • .NET
  • Microsoft Power Apps
  • Power Pages
  • Azure
  • JavaScript
  • Microsoft Power BI
  • Microsoft Dynamics 365

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