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Putting the customer first, regardless of role

Matt, renowned radio personality. That was the goal. Armed with a marketing and communications degree, Matt looked to break into broadcasting. But, seeing the decline of the industry, he decided to utilize his communications skills in a customer service position at Under Armour. This experience helped him launch a career in software development with Catalyte.


Protect this house

As a customer service rep, Matt was tasked with protecting the Under Armour brand. He was often the first person to speak with customers, and had to make a good initial impression. Matt learned to balance seeing issues through the customer’s eyes with upholding Under Armour’s reputation in order to come to a solution. As part of a team, Matt learned the importance feedback has on supporting continuous improvement.

Adding the technical to the personal

The interpersonal aspects of software development can be as challenging as the technical aspects of the job. Matt’s communications skills, familiarity with navigating team dynamics and ability to give and receive constructive feedback helped him conquer Catalyte’s rigorous apprenticeship development phase. Now, armed with full-stack technical knowledge, Matt is ready to dive into client projects.


Through the user’s eyes

Continuing his software developer journey, Matt’s found a niche as a quality assurance (QA) engineer. Just as he did in customer service, he is now seeing applications, code and bugs through the user’s eyes. How would a person use this function? What can we do to make it a better experience? How far can we push user satisfaction without sacrificing brand identity? He was well prepared by Under Armour to deliver quality experiences for Catalyte clients.

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