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Creativity based in communication leads to success

With a passion for languages, Nicole graduated college with a creative writing degree; a degree she realized wasn’t the most marketable. So, like many new grads, she took a job in retail to support herself, until she could find a career that mattered to her. That happened when she became a software developer at Catalyte.


Communicating life and death

Nicole used her knowledge in communications as a pharmacy technician for a national retail chain. One of her main duties was to interact with customers and ensure they received the right prescriptions. Asking questions and providing clear, concise feedback were critical to successful outcomes: the customer’s continued health and their satisfaction with the retail experience. Any slip could mean a medical emergency and loss of business for her store.

Closer to English than math

Her retail experience prepared Nicole for Catalyte’s software developer apprenticeship, where asking questions and clear communication were foundational elements of learning and working with fellow developers. She was also happily surprised at the connection between coding and language, rather than math. Her ability to articulate thoughts easily transferred from English to whichever tech stack she was learning. Software development has become another creative outlet.


Frontend future

Nicole found a focus in frontend design, where she is able to use her creativity and customer-centric approach to development to improve quality and user experience. She continues to ask questions to push herself into new areas of understanding and cooperation. For the future, she is considering further exploring UX/UI design.

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