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Catalyte is like a secret door into the tech industry.

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Never too late for a new opportunity

Alicia excelled in several careers before Catalyte. She was a scientific researcher, taught public school for 16 years and even spent time as a crime scene technician. But the opportunity for unlimited career growth, stability and ability to spend more time with her family led her to become a software developer with Catalyte.


Continuing to learn and grow

As a Baltimore City high school science teacher, Alicia opened the minds of her students to the possibilities of STEM careers. In doing so, she grew more interested in the world of software development. A career that forces you to constantly learn, adapt and grow appealed to her educational and scientific mindset. Always ready for a new challenge, Alicia joined the Catalyte software developer apprenticeship.

Catalyte is like a secret door into the tech industry. You don’t have to wait to get started.

Finding the right fit

Leaving a secure teaching job was a tough decision for Alicia. She had to find the right training opportunity that would allow her to quickly see a return on her investment. Bootcamps cost too much and didn’t guarantee a job upon graduation. Catalyte’s free apprenticeship provided the right fit for Alicia to acquire new skills and launch a new career, all while still helping provide for her family.


A natural leader

Beyond helping deliver the data science infrastructure her client needed to improve company performance, Alicia immediately became a team leader. She organized events to boost camaraderie and morale, building trust and bringing the team together. She continues to hold herself, and her teammates, accountable, pushing everyone to learn more and deliver their best work.

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