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There’s no way I'd have this job without Catalyte.

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What were you doing before Catalyte?

My journey to Catalyte was a bit unconventional. I grew up a math and science kid. I went to school in 2011 for biomedical engineering. Three years in, I got a back injury where I couldn’t walk. So, I took time off. Then my dad got sick. I had bumps and falls, tumbling through life trying to figure out what to do next. To have the rug pulled from under you, you don’t know how to pick back up until someone reaches out and helps you. I found Catalyte’s ad on my school’s job board, applied and a couple months later found out I got in.


What was your experience with the apprenticeship like?

The coaches were absolutely amazing. I couldn’t believe we had access to the people we did. They were true professionals in their career. Some of the insight and expertise they provided was not something we could learn. The 1:1 time we got with them, the time in meetings, was invaluable. They imparted things on us. Think pieces, stuff we could think about to truly see if this was the industry for us

The connections they have are insane. There’s no way I'd have this job without Catalyte. I was able to bump ahead two-to-three years in a career I never knew existed.

What is your biggest takeaway from your apprenticeship?

I don’t know how they decided how to place us, but whatever tactic they used was amazing. I’m so excited about the team I got appointed to. They nurture, they train, and it’s a good environment—no pettiness, so welcoming. I do believe it when they say they take the time to assess us during the apprenticeship. They really try to set us up for success based on personality and talent. They did a great job with that.


Any closing words?

I just think people have to take the opportunity. Take the opportunity that Catalyte is offering. You won’t regret it. It’s amazing.


  • Yahoo Advanced TV Certification
  • The Trade Desk Data-Driven Planning Certification
  • The Trade Desk Marketing Foundations Certification
  • The Trade Desk Training Essentials Certification
  • Meta Certified Digital Marketing Associate
  • Amazon Demand Side Platform Campaigns Cert
  • Display & Video 360 Certification
  • MediaMath Academy Programmatic Certification
  • Search Ads 360 Certification

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