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Catalyte is a launching pad to the world.


Looking for a challenge

Meghan had a job that didn’t offer opportunities for growth. It was a position to pay the bills, but not one that excited her. Armed with a degree in economics and international relations, Meghan wanted a challenge. Something that would make her brain work in new ways every day.


Diving in the tech industry

Before joining Catalyte, Meghan had no prior technical experience. But, an interest in coding, family in the industry and an analytical/numbers-based mindset gave her the confidence to explore options in technology. An avid test taker, she took Catalyte’s online screening just for the heck of it. When Meghan accepted an invite to join an apprenticeship, she quit her job and started her journey to become a software developer. There was no turning back.

Catalyte is a launching pad to the world.

Support at every step

Like many Catalyte apprentices, Meghan has the technical acumen to become an engineer, but at times she faced imposter syndrome and questioned if she really belonged in the tech industry. Her instructors and classmates were there at every step to be cheerleaders and remind her that she had the aptitude and attitude to become a great developer.


Always learning

Meghan now has a career where she can learn something new every day. With a focus on backend technologies, she’s motivated to learn new languages and frameworks that help deliver value to client projects. And she’s able to do this in a supportive environment where she’s rooting for others as much as they’re rooting for her.

Four Catalyte apprentices discuss a client project around a conference table
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