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Skills-acquisition process

A dance choreographer. A U.S. Army reservist. A cocktail server, cosmetologist, retail pharmacy technician and software developer specializing in ADA compliance. This is Cierra’s career path, so far. For the clients she serves, it was a vital skills-acquisition process that resulted in a more empathetic and cognizant developer.


Reducing risk

Cierra has put her combined talents to work for a global investment management firm client of Catalyte’s. Two team projects she’s contributed to focus on the firm’s website ADA compliance. This work is crucial to maintaining the accessibility of web-based materials to the entire public. Failing to do so could have serious financial and legal repercussions for the firm.

The demo must go on

While in the midst of her ADA work, the investment firm asked Cierra to learn multiple new technologies in order to ready a new site for demo to its client and launch it into production. In this process, she was able to help revert an error caused by another team, spending countless hours verifying the changes and communicating them effectively to her manager. Without Cierra’s dedication and focus, the firm would not have been able to demo the site for its client.


Professional and personal growth

Along with the professional satisfaction that comes with special recognition from your client, Cierra has found personal satisfaction in her new role. She is now able to take her daughter to school events, swimming and ice skating lessons. And, perhaps most importantly, Cierra was able to go on her first true vacation, a three day cruise to the Bahamas.

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