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I never thought that I would be able to get into technology before Catalyte.

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A tradition of caregiving

Caregiving is a tradition in Shanna’s family. Her grandmother and mother were both nurses before Shanna followed in their footsteps. As she progressed in her health care career, Shanna found herself drawn more to the technology side of the industry. What if she could apply her skills in a way to help create software that would allow her current and future patients to live better lives?


Taking care of the customer

Shanna is doing exactly that now as a product analyst for a state health agency. Working with Figma and other UX/UI technologies, she’s creating optimal user experiences with an eye towards streamlining health care delivery. Her hands-on health care background allows her to help develop applications with an understanding for how patients, doctors and administrators will use them in the real world.

Empathy and collaboration

Working in health care before becoming a product analyst also means that Shanna has the empathy needed for deep and meaningful collaboration. She intuitively knows how other people might be feeling. She uses this ability to be a team leader, checking in and making sure people are able to take care of both themselves and their projects.


Space to grow

Since joining Catalyte’s project management apprenticeship, Shanna has had room to grow, professionally and personally, in ways she’s never imagined. She continues to grow her repertoire of user experience tools, delivering increasing value for her clients. And, she’s been an inspiration to the next generation of caregivers, getting her daughters interested in how technology can change the world for the better.

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