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Matter of life and death

Before joining Catalyte, Jameson was a telemetry nurse. His split-second decisions making, cool under pressure and ability to work seamlessly with doctors meant the difference between life and death for patients. This gives Jameson the mental toughness to get through whatever challenges his technology clients throw at him.


Quickly pivoting

Jameson joined Catalyte’s software development apprenticeship, learning C# during his development phase. After graduating, he quickly learned Java as well. He then volunteered for a new position, technical support, where he learned multiple new Microsoft technologies in order to help solve support issues. He was so quick at learning these new skills that he was named the client’s top performer based on its support KPIs.

Always learning

Not content to continue to be the best at IT support, Jameson next went to work for an international software and media company. Here again, Jameson had to learn new technologies, like Python and SQL, in order to manage the data and analytics for the client’s finance department. His passion and drive to learn and adapt to the situation meant that there was little ramp time and Jameson was able to deliver value to the client almost immediately.


Mental toughness, team player

Jameson’s health care background was influential in building his mental toughness and ability to work on a team. He’s accustomed to working long hours in stressful situations. He was expected to act on his own when needed, or to defer to others with more skill or experience when necessary. He continues to apply these lessons today, adapting his work style to the situation in order to produce the best possible outcomes.

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