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Deep love of STEM

Like many of her generation, Bill Nye the Science Guy opened Reyna’s mind to the world of STEM. The show sparked her interest in all that was possible in science, technology, engineering and math. That, combined with her love of problem solving, led her to a degree in chemistry and jobs as an analytical chemist. But, something was still lacking from this line of work.


From routine to exciting

As an analytical chemist, Reyna was used to the same routine, day after day. Come in, set up experiments, wait for them to run, record the results. She didn’t feel challenged and the monotony wore on her. As a Catalyte software developer, she goes to work every day doing something different and conquering a new challenge. There’s always a problem to solve.

Making the decision

Even after being accepted into Catalyte’s software development apprenticeship, Reyna was 50/50 about joining. But, after meeting with some employees, hearing their success stories, their various backgrounds and feeling the instant support and camaraderie of the company, she made up her mind. Joining Catalyte was her way into the tech industry.


Circle of motivation

Reyna has spent time working on client projects and as a TA for the development phase of Catalyte’s apprenticeship. People in her classes would turn to her for both technical and motivational support. Because she’d been in their shoes, she could understand their issues and provide solutions to both their programming and emotional needs. In turn, their progress motivated Reyna to continue her career journey, building her own technical and interpersonal skills.

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