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I’m not afraid to get the help I need to improve.

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Some people know exactly what they want to do. Luz wanted to become a software developer. She didn’t want to wait to get a college degree before starting her career. So, she leveraged Catalyte’s apprenticeship to launch a tech career without having to pay for college.


Building on professional skills

Working in retail and health care jobs after graduating high school, Luz developed strong professional skills. She’s able to communicate with many different audiences and stay calm under stressful situations. She looks for a compromise way to resolve situations that are in the best interest of both her client and her team.

Focus on front end

Currently, Luz is focused on front end work for an international software and media company. This includes page styling and updating site navigation and menus. This important work creates a better user experience, allowing the client’s customers and general public more easily find and access the important information they need to make better financial decisions.


Drive + skills = success

Luz continues to showcase her drive and skills. Her penchant for asking questions and quickly learning new technologies means she’s never satisfied and always looking for what she can accomplish next. And her self-awareness means that she knows where she can improve, and has a plan to continually up her game

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