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I wake up every day excited to jump back into my project work.

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Excellent customer service

Tyler had been working in service industry jobs for over a decade, doing everything from bussing to managing a bar. These positions honed his focus on customer service. How could he create a more positive experience for his patrons? It’s this level of expertise in building user-centric experiences that he brings to his role as a software developer.


A natural leader

While ramping up for his current work at a state health agency, Tyler’s team was tasked with getting a “shadow application” up and running as prep for their client work. Given his ability to manage teams and train people in new skills, Tyler was one of two people selected by his teammates to lead this project. The results were that his team was able to immediately integrate with the client’s and start delivering work on day one.

Love of languages

Tyler is a musician and lover of languages, having taught himself Spanish, Japanese and Greek. This ability to see similarities between languages has helped him quickly pick up new programming languages. He’s able to see parallels in syntax and functions, and “translate” one he already knows into one he’s learning for the first time.


Attitude built for success

Tyler, like all Catalyte apprentices, loves to learn. If he gets into an unfamiliar situation dealing with something new, his attitude is never that he can’t do it. Instead, he knows that if you give him time to figure it out, he’ll come back with a solution that he can implement.

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