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I felt stuck. Now, I’ve found hope.

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Teaching technology

Heather was an elementary school teacher. While teaching her general education classes, she earned a masters degree in learning technologies for coaches. With this, Heather began to teach a technology curriculum to other teachers. However, when the pandemic hit, the mental burdens of teaching became too much and Heather looked for new ways to apply her skills.


Finding hope

As with many teachers, Heather had given her all to her students. For her mental health and her financial future, she needed a career change. Through Catalyte’s digital media apprenticeship she found hope. She found joy in a career, applying her teaching abilities with love of technology to help some of the world’s biggest brands reach new customers.

Always learning, always teaching

During her education career, Heather always found ways not only to teach her students, but to learn from them as well. She carried this “always learning” mindset into her new digital media career. She absorbs new knowledge from everyone around her. And, given her pedagogy background, she’s been able to translate this new knowledge into creating new training materials for other associates, helping to speed knowledge transfer and the onboarding process.


Fast growth shows full potential

After completing the digital media apprenticeship, Heather was hired full-time by her client. In the year since her conversion, she has been promoted to senior programmatic associate. The combination of drive, fight and persistence in everything she does means Heather is set up for a successful career in advertising.

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