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I was willing to break my back to get to the next step.

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Willingness to work

Kyle worked many jobs to support himself and education: landscaper, martial arts instructor and rideshare driver. As COVID hit, he realized that taking on more debt for a degraded college experience wasn’t sustainable. He knew he could find success elsewhere, but first needed a foot in the door.


Getting a step ahead

Kyle joined Catalyte’s digital media apprenticeship with no previous advertising experience. But, the intensive development period gave him the knowledge he needed to deliver value to his client on day one. The other “traditional” associates who joined the client with Kyle didn’t have the same level of understanding with critical systems or business processes. This gave Kyle an advantage and is a testament to Catalyte’s real-world training.

Technical and professional skills

Along with developing Kyle’s technical digital media skills, the Catalyte apprenticeship helped him build professional skills. Being able to run meetings or effectively communicate to both internal and external stakeholders allows Kyle to provide additional value to his team.


Clear career trajectory

After completing the digital media apprenticeship, Kyle was hired full-time by his client. In the year since his conversion, he has been promoted to senior programmatic associate. The combination of grit and persistence in everything he does means Kyle is set up for a successful career in advertising.

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