Catalytes pick their favorite games

By Adam Curtis

The holidays are a time for family and friends. And games are a way to help bring people together (or help the time pass quicker if you can’t wait for Uncle Steve to leave).

We polled our Catalytes to see what some of their favorite games are. Here’s a rundown of what they recommend to play, or give as a gift, this year.

Happy holidays from Catalyte!

Eric Queen

Game: Clue

Reason: I played it with my two brothers and mother ever since I can remember. We upgraded one year when our parents gave us Master Detective Clue for Christmas, which was extremely more difficult due to more rooms, weapons and, if I remember correctly, more suspects. My mother passed from breast, liver, and lung cancer about five years ago, so these memories hold a dear place in my heart. She would ALWAYS beat us and we could never figure out her strategy.

Mike Mountain

Game: Power Grid

Reason: It has balanced gameplay, high replay value, and good opportunities for player socialization – aka, great for parties. Also extra appealing if you have any environmental engineers in your family (as I do).

Owen Brown

Game: Alien Frontiers

Reason: It was fun and an instant hit at the office when I picked up a copy, and was a hit with everybody I recommended it to. It was the only game coworkers and I had played until 11:45PM.

Carolina Erickson

Game: Ticket to Ride – Europe

Reason: Ticket to Ride is a great game for anyone no matter what their age and tastes. It has tons of replayability, too.

Benjamin Maritz

Game: Tokaido

Reason: It’s based around having a fun vacation, seeing sights, collecting souvenirs, visiting shrines and inns, etc. A nice, relaxed atmosphere with not a lot of cutthroat competition, but still has a lot of strategy to keep people invested. It’s also very re-playable and games are not overly long (40-90 minutes is typical depending on number of players and how many are new). A good party game.

Garret Vonk

Game: Golf Story

Reason: This fun little Nintendo Switch game came out of nowhere for me. I’m not a golfer and I don’t usually play RPGs. But Golf Story has a lightweight (hilarious) plot and tight game mechanics with a gentle learning curve. And above all else, it never takes itself too seriously. This is the most “pick-up-and-play”-able game of 2017.

Hodarri Moody

Game: Stratego

Reason: I have a deep love for strategy games, thanks to me first playing this game when I was younger. This game has so many ways to trick and counter play your opponents into following the wrong path so that you can quickly or easily take their flags.

Alex Wolfe

Game: Empire

Reason: It’s the original UNIX based empire building / resource management game, maintained in one form or another since the 1970s. A good game can take a year to play.

In my younger years it was not unknown to literally spend 7 days straight playing 20 hours a day for a “quick” game.