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Catalyte apprentices cut ramp up time by 4-6 months compared to similar hires

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Goodway Group needed an efficient and cost-effective talent partner, focused on quality entry-level talent.


Catalyte worked with Goodway to source a new pipeline of qualified talent for its programmatic media buying department, 100% of which Goodway converted to full-time employees. Together, Catalyte and Goodway Group will continue a partnership to funnel qualified talent to Goodway’s partner agencies through its Trade Desk Partner Program.

With over 90 years of innovative experience in the advertising industry, Goodway Group brings advanced media strategy and execution to their client partners. Additionally, Goodway offers a unique end-to-end digital media service and execution as part of their agency partner program. Goodway’s diverse offerings creates a robust client base, but traditional recruiting methods for entry-level talent proved to provide a fairly homogeneous employee profile with industry-standard turnover rate. Catalyte, by delivering a pool of diverse, qualified and previously-overlooked talent, allowed Goodway to hire the right talent with the right technical and non-technical skills.

Trained, qualified entry-level talent fits agency culture

Catalyte provided entry-level digital media talent to Goodway Group; talent that was previously overlooked and unrecognized by traditional recruiting efforts. Catalyte’s AI-based talent screening technology and apprenticeship program not only found candidates for Goodway that met knowledge requirements, but also ones that were the right fit for Goodway’s agency culture. This resulted in a 100% conversion rate for Catalyte apprentices at Goodway Group.

Quicker time to becoming billable agency resources

The intensive skills development portion of Catalyte’s digital media apprenticeship creates resources who require less initial onboarding and training time. Because of their quicker ramp up time, Goodway Group could bill these apprentices faster than other hires. This alleviated training stress on current agency resources and provided an overall positive economic impact to Goodway Group.

Additional opportunity to serve Goodway’s partner agencies

Through Goodway’s self-service DSP partnership with The Trade Desk, Catalyte will continue to provide qualified, highly-vetted talent to partner agencies of this program. With Catalyte’s talent, Goodway can help its partner agencies find better entry-level talent to manage campaigns on an ongoing basis.

Key takeaways

Agency culture fit
Apprentices were qualified from a technical perspective and also a great agency culture fit, allowing for a 100% conversion rate to full-time employees.
Positive economic impact
Catalyte apprentices began working on billable projects faster than other entry-level hires, due to their quicker onboarding.
Partnership growth
Goodway has the ability to funnel Catalyte-found talent to its partner agencies to help provide qualified talent for agency growth.

“Catalyte apprentices cut ramp up time by four-to-six months compared to similar hires.”
– Dan Nichol, director, media solutions

Key technologies/skills

  • The Trade Desk
  • Salesforce

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