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Catalyte’s sourcing model identified qualified talent within a designated profile

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A major software and media company with high standards needed to source new software development talent within a competitive market.


Catalyte’s sourcing model and apprenticeship identified and upskilled key talent that met the client’s exacting requirements. Six apprentices quickly integrated into IT teams across the client’s diverse range of business units, where they worked on a variety of internal and public-facing applications.

An international software and media company sought a new partner to deliver qualified software developers who could assimilate seamlessly into existing on-site teams supporting internal and public-facing web applications. With a premier reputation in its industry, the company had extremely high standards for all workers, including talent from nontraditional backgrounds. Catalyte was able to source six apprentices who fulfilled the client’s desired profile, and who were also located within the competitive Washington, D.C. market.

Creating a more diverse workforce

Primarily reliant on traditional recruiting and hiring methods, the client came to Catalyte to identify a pipeline of diverse and untapped talent to fill its IT workforce in one of the nation’s most competitive tech markets. Catalyte discovered, developed and deployed six apprentices who fit the client’s ideal profile and tech stack competency, and whose interpersonal skills also passed rigorous client interview standards.

Innovating tech expertise across a variety of business units

With business units in many different sectors, the client needed tech talent that could adapt to its wide-ranging needs. Apprentices joined teams working on web apps for government, news and law sectors, for both public- and internal-facing platforms. One Catalyte developer received a public design credit on an innovative interactive article that helped the CMS team reimagine the potential for the framework.

Delivering a cost-effective workforce solution

Catalyte’s tech workforce displayed proven competence alongside colleagues recruited by traditional methods. As a result, the client continued working with Catalyte to further diversify its IT workforce. Catalyte’s model for sourcing high-quality talent allowed the client to streamline costs associated with recruiting, training and retaining IT talent in a competitive, demanding market.

Key takeaways

A more diverse workforce
Catalyte’s AI-based model discovered, developed and deployed quality tech talent to meet the client’s ideal profile demands.
High-quality talent at an affordable cost
Apprentices lowered costs associated with recruitment, retention, upskilling and salary levels.
Corporate culture alignment
Client managers valued Catalyte apprentices’ professional presentation and personal interest in career growth.

Key technologies/skills

  • Java
  • Vue
  • React
  • Node.js
  • Team communication/collaboration

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