Catalyte accelerates growth with acquisition of Statêra’s digital transformation business

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Put our talent to work

Just about a year ago, Catalyte raised $27M in Series A funding and acquired Surge Software. This move gave our clients access to elite, on-demand software engineers to scale and accelerate their digital innovations with improved outcomes.

I’m happy to announce that Catalyte continues to grow with the acquisition of Statêra Digital, the digital transformation division of Statêra, a Denver-based firm. Statêra Digital has an impressive 18-year history of helping companies like Charter Communications, 7-Eleven, Visa, Boeing, Molson Coors and USA Swimming become more digitally enabled. This acquisition gives our clients further access to technologists who can plan, execute and manage complex transformations from their preferred onshore location.

Proximity enables innovation

Statêra’s Denver headquarters will be home to our latest development center, giving us a presence in all four time zones. As I’ve stated before, proximity enables innovation. Being in the same time zone, state or city allows for smoother communication, less managerial oversight and better software outcomes. We can meet clients where they are and co-create products with as little friction as possible. This means we can build a software engineering talent pool in the highly-constrained Denver tech market, while offering Statêra Digital’s clients end-to-end workforce development solutions.

Building tech workforces for the most progressive companies

As a workforce data science company with the ability use AI to find, train and deploy high-performing software engineers, Catalyte solves IT’s most persistent challenge: creating a ready-to-hire workforce that is diverse, affordable and sustainable. And, since we can find such talent in any market, we can build these workforces where clients need them, not just in major tech hubs where competition and cost for developers is out of control.

What a way to kick off 2019! I know the rest of the year will be filled with company growth as we expand into new markets and give more people the opportunity to begin a new career in technology.

Jacob Hsu, CEO

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