Catalyte partners with OneTen to promote Black tech talent

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Historically, the economy in general, and the tech industry in particular, have excluded Black talent. This has resulted in an America where Black people own only 1.5% of the country’s wealth, and staff only 5.4% of all software developer positions.

To change the tide and combat these inequities, Catalyte has partnered with OneTen to train and employ top Black tech talent from across the country, regardless of their educational background. This continues our 20+ year history of supplying the opportunity for a tech career to anyone with the aptitude and attitude to succeed.

As both an employer and endorsed talent developer, we can share and shape best practices for sourcing, developing and hiring Black talent throughout OneTen’s nearly 200-member coalition.

You can read more about this exciting partnership in the official press release. And, if you’re looking to hire exceptional, project-ready Black tech talent, let’s talk:

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