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The tech industry is not diverse. Baltimore Tracks, a coalition of Baltimore tech companies, is looking to change that.

Baltimore Tracks will address diversity shortcomings and increase career opportunities for People of Color in the tech industry. Member organizations commit to advancing these five initiatives that can build Baltimore into a hub for diverse and talented tech professionals.

  • Pay all interns and structure internship programs to recruit candidates reflective of the demographic population of Baltimore, specifically focusing on underrepresented groups.
  • Measure results with an annual diversity, equity and inclusion (DE&I) audit/demographic survey that will quantitatively analyze the state of diversity, equity and inclusion at each organization, and measure the demographic composition of our collective workforce.
  • Share best practices about DE&I efforts including, but not limited to, anti-bias training consultants, diverse candidate job boards and relevant research.
  • Share qualified candidates who apply to our companies but aren’t hired immediately, prioritizing applicants from underrepresented demographic groups.
  • Remove degree requirements and focus on qualifying skills when professional degrees or certifications are not required.

This is an opportunity to unleash the full potential of all Baltimoreans. Catalyte has chipped away at this issue for 20 years. But we’re just one company. Coalitions like Baltimore Tracks compound the impact of these policies and amplify their message to a broader audience. This is a chance to share what we’ve learned and learn new best practices from others.

You can find more information in this press release. To get involved with Baltimore Tracks, visit

Additional media coverage of Baltimore Tracks in the Baltimore Business Journal.

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