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Book cover for "Coders: The making of a new tribe and the remaking of the world" by Clive Thompson

“Coders: The Making of a New Tribe and the Remaking of the World” is a new book from Wired and New York Times writer Clive Thompson. It’s a fresh perspective on, “the most powerful tribe in the world today, computer programmers…who they are, how they think, what qualifies as greatness in their world, and what should give us pause.”

Catalyte is included in a chapter entitled “Blue-Collar Coding.” Thompson explores the new ways in which nontraditional programmers, coders without college degrees or who aren’t located in the heart of Silicon Valley, are making their mark on the industry. In an interview with our CEO Jacob Hsu, Jacob notes of Catalyte’s software engineers:

“Most are from working-class backgrounds,” says Jake Hsu, Catalyte’s chief executive, and 44 percent didn’t do a four-year degree. The average age is 33 years old, with most of their hires seeking a second career, and a better one. “Talent truly is evenly distributed, or at least the aptitude to do this work is evenly distributed.”

If you pick up a copy, Catalyte section begins on page 363.

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