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“What do you think of when you hear the words ‘software developer’?”

This is the first question Business Insider asks in its profile piece on Catalyte. The answer, as it discovers after talking to our CEO Jacob Hsu, can be much different than the stereotype of a male “brogrammer” working in Silicon Valley.

This might all sound very noble, but it probably means very little to most software development businesses unless it actually gets results. Are Catalyte’s software development teams really as good as teams assembled using traditional hiring methods? For Hsu, the answer is that they’re better – significantly better, in fact.

“What we do isn’t charity,” he said. “Our unconventional software teams are outperforming traditional software development teams. Our teams are ramping up in one to two sprints, not three to four. On average, our teams are three times as productive as traditional, tier one software development teams.

“We’re picking extraordinary people like needles from a haystack.”

Reporter Charlie Wood was impressed with our model, tweeting:

You can view the full article on Business Insider [premium access required] or download a PDF of it here.

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