Chicago Tribune: Catalyte offers hope during pandemic

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With close to 40 million Americans unemployed and the economy having its worst quarter on record, many people are feeling the economic hardship of the pandemic.

Alexia Elejalde-Ruiz of the Chicago Tribune reported on COVID-19’s impact on jobs and workers in the Chicago area. As part of her story, she talked with current Catalyte trainee Robert “Bob” Kinsole about his experience entering the software development program during the pandemic, and what the promise of a job means to him.

While perusing Craigslist looking for work he came upon the training opportunity at Catalyte, a Baltimore-based software consultancy with offices in Chicago. He signed up for the free five-month training after learning that he would get a two-year contract with the company at the end.

“It really gave me some hope, with all the uncertainty going on right now,” said Kinsloe, whose partner works as a nanny and has been supporting them both.

Robert is one of many developers we’re training during this crisis. We remain committed to continue to offer opportunities for anyone to enter into the technology industry. Now, more than ever, these retraining efforts are critical to providing economic stability, family and community support and hope in what are challenging times.

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